Thursday, April 4, 2013

Let's Get Cozy....

There are so many patterns available these days. You can go online and find anything you want. So when I decided to search a very popular design - the cozy - I was surprised at what I found. I figured there would be the obvious tea cozy or coffee cup cozy. Take a look at what I found. Get those hooks ready to create something new and get cozy....

These beautiful iPad cozies are so elegant. They were created by saplanet orignials. Check it out.

These baby bottle cozies are precious. Between the color combos and design the possibilities are endless. The original pattern comes from a couple of places listed in this link but these were created by

These colorful mug cozies are adorable. I imagine they would be warm and cozy on a cold winter morning.  Check it out at One Dog Woof.

If you hop over to you'll find these cute egg cozies. There literally is nothing you couldn't make a cozy around!

What teacher would not love to see this apple with cozy on his or her desk? It's the best gift for the teacher in your child's life!!! So cute!! You can see this and other crocheted items at cuddlemeknits on Etsy.

Visit one of my favorite blogs at to find this beautiful Granny Tea Cozy. What a great gift this would make! 

These owl pouches for your cell phone are so creative. Who wouldn't want one of these?  Visit SandysSundries on Etsy.

 These beautiful tea cozies were created by The daffodil pattern comes from Attic 24.

I think, as you can see, that with creativity and color the world is your oyster! So beautiful....

Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.
Dee Hock

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