Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall is in the air...

On this last day of summer, it's the perfect opportunity to usher in fall. Although I live in Florida and we don't experience fall for another few months, technically, I come from Michigan and the fall was my favorite time of year. The trees would turn into fireballs of bright orange and red. The temps were cool and crisp and Halloween was fast on the horizon. Let's take a look at what's being created with fall imagery in mind...

These beautiful fall leaves were created by Fiber Flux - Adventures in Stitching

The leaves in a stack. Whata ya know, another stack!!

Fall Autumn Leaves in Cashmere by meekssandygirl

Fall Harvest Sunflower Bracelet in Crochet by meekssandygirl

Fall Crochet Afghan by Cocoa Daisy Forum

Fingerless Gloves Wrist Warmers in wool - by reflectionsbyds at ArtFire

Fox Mittens by warmyourself on Etsy

Falling for Multi-Color Autumn Afghan by winkelvancinkel

The Chain Reaction Afghan by Interweave Crochet. Find the free download of the pattern here.

Granny Square Pillow in Crochet Fall Colors - by swansnestcreations

Crocheted Pumpkins by Lallee's Cottage

Crochet Ballet Slippers by Here's the free pattern.

Two sounds of autumn are unmistakable...the hurrying rustle 
of crisp leaves blown along the a gusty wind, and 
the gabble of a flock of migrating geese. - Hal Borland

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Look at the birdie.....

I've been thinking about birds this week. I wondered if there were patterns to crochet birds. The answer is many beautiful things. Let fly around a little bit and see what's out there!

Crochet Birds & Their Felt Home by Agnieszka Nowak

Birdie Decorations by Attic 24

Pajarito de Crochet by Manualidades y Pretechnologia

How to Crochet a Bird from Do It Darling - A Collection  of Ideas and Inspiration

These Birdie Ornaments from Linda Permann and her book Little Crochet.

This beautiful crocheted bird is from Mountain Weaver Fiber Art Studio.

Amigurumi Wedding Birds from Denizmunn (Turkey)

Crochet Wedding Birds from Ruby & Custard - Handmade accessories for very important little people

Female House Sparrow by Sioan Karon - Naturally Inspired Crochet

This delicate and beautiful Little Crocheted Bird is from Ruby & Custard. Here's the pattern!

Now for the real birds. The paintings of birds by John J. Audubon have always inspired me. See if you can't become inspired by the colors.

Roseate Spoonbill

Carolina Parakeet - Study for Havell

Louisiana Heron

No bird soars too high if 
he soars with his own wings. 
- William Blake

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I'm hooked.....

After finishing my last project I've taken a breather. The Bridal afghan was such a fun project and so satisfying. From beginning to end working on individual squares, sewing it together, adding a border and tassels. I had the best time. I have another afghan to finish now. It's over half way through. It's an ocean wave pattern. See the The Crochet Crowd for the pattern.

It got me to thinking about my crochet hooks. I have the average collection of metal, plastic and acrylic hooks. I see on Facebook, from various crocheters I follow, all of the colorful and patterned hook handles that people are making. I thought about doing some research and see what kind of funky hooks I could find. Take a look and imagine using any of the following hooks on your next project!

Woodcarver Harrison Richards from Furls Crochet Hooks creates these ergonomic, custom made crochet hooks made especially for your own hand size.

These hand-carved twiggle crochet hooks are by Cristina at www, They are actually made from gathered twigs that are whittled into shape.

These are beautifully made Double Ended Crochet Hooks

Imagine having these elegant and original crochet hooks in your collection from Luxury Crochet Hooks.

These Ebony Crochet Hooks are from Lantern Mom Handcrafted.

Michael & Sheila Ernst create these beautiful Glass Crochet Hooks. So delicate.

These lovely hooks are 19th Century Tortoise Shell, Platinum & Diamond Banded Set of 4. You can find them at Ruby Lane Vintage Begins Here.

These colorful handles were created by Lisa Clarke at Polka Dot Cottage.

These colorful hooks were created by the colorful Twinkie Chan herself. Entitled Candy Stripe Crochet Hooks you can tell that Twinkie is a colorful personality full of talent. You must follow her on Facebook and Twitter. You'll never be disappointed!

Christine Mackey created these Harry Potter Wand-Like Hooks. So creative.

“You can't use up creativity. 
The more you use, the more you have.” 
- Maya Angelou -