Sunday, August 18, 2013

The blushing bride....

I recently took on the task of completing an afghan as a bridal shower gift.  I knew it was the gift I wanted to give. I searched out a pattern and settled on a Lion Brand pattern called Diagonal Granny Square. So here is my beginning, middle and end of the project. The pattern link will be included at the end.

I chose a lovely cream colored yarn so as to make the afghan an heirloom bridal gift. The pattern calls for 111 granny squares and 16 half granny squares. You will memorize the pattern after the 5th square!

The squares begin to multiply fast!!!!

Construction begins. The diagram provided in the pattern is very easy to follow, but try not to lose your place. The square combos expand by two and contract by two.

Constructing as you go along row by row working easiest for me.

The construction from the reverse side. You can see that you'll have a lot of weaving and cutting to clean up at the end.

Using a craft table really speeds up the process. It's easier to count and match up rows. This is the pattern from the reverse side.

The right side against the reverse side.

The diamond shape ends which you will attach the tassels to.

It's almost all sewn together!

The tassel I ended up using is different than the pattern.

Weaving in ends!

The finished product. It turned out quite lovely. The perfect gift for any bride!

All wrapped up and ready to give!! I added a little ceramic heart to the tassel for extra measure!

Here's the pattern - Make it for the next bride in your life....

"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." - When Harry Met Sally

Saturday, August 3, 2013

How many T-shirts does my husband really have?.....

I spend a lot of time searching the Internet for topics and beautiful images of crochet projects. I love to see the creativeness and ingenuity that crafters, crocheters, knitters produce. Colors, shapes, sizes. Yesterday I stumbled upon T-shirt yarn. I guess I've seen it before but being a hardcore "yarn" person from the traditional method, (which is standing in front of a wall of yarn at my favorite store and trying to decide what to buy) I never even considered T-shirt yarn. What?.....But then I came across the tutorial that I will begin this week's blog with. By the time I finished watching it I was already running an inventory of all of my husband's T-shirts in the drawers, boxes and closet. Nothing is safe now.....I keep thinking of making a basket with all different colors, or a rug. He won't really miss his Yooper U T-Shirt from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan do you think? Hmmmm....

Take a look at the tutorial and see if you won't become addicted to this new form of crochet. Learn to cut the T-shirt, create the yarn and get started. Enjoy!

Click on this link to get started.

Oh You Crafty Gal created this beautiful Pouf Ottoman Floor Cushion.

How cute is this Round Heart Crocheted UpCycled T-Shirt Area Rug? You can find it at

As many of you know if you visit this blog I am obsessed with stacks of crocheted squares before they are assembled into an afghan, pillow or whatever. They are like little towers of color to me. I'll post pics whenever I come across some really great stacks. But now, I may become obsessed with balls of T-shirt yarn. My creative brain is running 100 miles an hour!!

What a cute housewarming gift these would make! T-Shirt Dishclothes from Just pop them right in the washer and dryer!

This lovely basket from atgaiva on flickriver would also make a lovely gift. The color combinations are endless!

Another beautiful basket. I see this one filled with apples in the fall. It comes from MammaEarthCreations.

How can you not love this circular run creation from recyclingartistemily! This 3ft rug is just gorgeous! Can't even wait to start one!

This beautiful Mandala Floor Rug is breathtaking. Here's the tutorial so you can make one yourself!

This clever little stool cover comes from  Here's the tutorial!

From Homework - Today's Assignment: Be Inspired comes these creative braided drink coasters.

I feel sexy in my jeans and wearing 
my boyfriend's T-shirt 
- Jennifer Aniston

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