Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back in School!

It's been 26 years since I last cracked open a school book. It was way back at UCF (University of Central Florida) when I last stepped foot on a campus. Last night I opened the door to a whole new world by attending Stetson University at Celebration outside of Orlando.

The campus consists of this one building within Celebration a community built just outside of Disney. It is a professional college under the Stetson University campus in Deland.

It was scary, exciting and after making it through the first class exhilarating! I can't wait! I'm taking Web Development and it's being taught by a very peppy man by the name of Jason Archambeau, who it turns out, is from Warren, MI. A fellow Michigander!

Our textbook for class. Crack that book open!
I have homework to do now! I have to read chapter 2 and do the practice and hands on exercises. So excited. I'll be learning how to design a website and all the in and outs of the technology. I can't wait. I really am inspired and looking for a place to put all of this creativity!

As for creativity, I started the wave pattern afghan. I showed the colors I picked in my last blog and now this is the fruit of my labor. It's just started but coming along. The pattern is easy and it only involves a double crochet. It will turn out to be a bright and vibrant afghan.

The wave pattern afghan.  These colors are very beachy to me. Luckily I live in Florida!

The biggest thing that has happened to me this week is that I got a job interview scheduled for tomorrow at 1pm. It for a Director of Publications position with “FRSA-Florida’s Association of Roofing Professionals”. They need someone to work on their magazines and peripheral publications. So excited!!! Cross you fingers and say a prayer that I get the job!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

This and That!

It's a lazy Sunday. Ran a few errands with my husband, which included buying yarn. Yeah! I want to do the wave pattern afghan. I've gotten away from doing afghans and I want to return. So I'm going to try a pattern from Mikey at The Crochet Crowd. http://thecrochetcrowd.com/crochet-waves-throw-afghan.html. Here's my color combo. So pretty!

Pretty color combo. It will look pretty over the back of a couch or a nice chair.

I've recently discovered Twitter. For some reason I had a fear of it before because I thought I would become addicted to it. Well, let's just say I'm not far from the mark. There are four things I check every day, job boards, Facebook, my Etsy shop and my blog. Now there are five, and Twitter! I've discovered plenty of new crocheting blogs to link up to and other really creative people along with a lot of celebrities. My fave, Rosie and Andy Cohen from Bravo! If you're on Twitter send me a message. I'm @crochetingconv.

I recently came across this neat blog page. These crochet hooks really caught my eye.

These hand painted crochet hooks can be found on http://www.twinkiechan.com/blog/2012/01/21/crocheting-with-candy/. Pretty cool!

Here is a new feature I'm doing at the end of every month. It's just conglomeration of things that I've done crochet or non-crochet over the past month. A little memento if you will.

My January 2012 Collection!
I'm getting ready to start the wave afghan so I'll keep you posted. So excited. So happy to see so many crocheters! So much creative work being done. Follow along.....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

“V” is for Valentine AND Valerie!

When I was a little girl my father used to make a big deal about Valentine's Day for my sister and I. We would always get a little red shiny box of chocolates. For me it was extremely special because my Dad always said it was my holiday because it had my name in it. I was named after my Aunt Valeria. She always reminded me of Elizabeth Taylor. Valerie was not a popular name when I was a kid. All my friends had license plates on the backs of their bikes but I could never find Valerie. Veronica, Vicki, yes, Valerie NO! But around Valentine's Day I remember being so full of pride seeing every heart, every chocolate, every heart candy saying BE MINE! It was my holiday, “Val”entine's Day. My dad passed away 10 years ago this year, and up until the day he died, he was 70, he still reminded me it was my holiday.

Me and my Dad around 1963! I miss you so much!

So in honor of you dad, here are a few heartfelt items....

A heart inspired coaster called Coaster Comeback! Here is the link to the free pattern: http://www.crochettoday.com/crochet-patterns/coaster-comeback-0 I didn't use the same yarn, just what I had in stock, and it turned out to be more of a doily but, nonetheless, pretty!

This is the same pattern but done in purple. It really is cute. To get the coaster size you do have to use the yarn recommended in the pattern.
In case you were wondering what Disney will be doing for the Valentine Holiday here a sneak peak at what the castle will look like with special effects.

It should be quite spectacular! (Image from Walt Disney World Facebook page).
Last but not least as my gift to you I'm including a new heartfelt printable for all of my fellow crocheters AND knitters! (I still haven't pulled out the knitting kit my husband bought me for Christmas!) Print it out on your printers at home and frame it, tack it up in your studio or send it to a fellow crocheter! Have fun! (Image size at crop marks 8"x10".)

Email me at vrehrman@cfl.rr.com and I'll send you a high quality pdf of this file.

From now until February 14th I'll be searching out hearts of all kinds!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little political message!

I've learned my lesson. Never discuss politics! You can never please everyone and whether you're Democrat or Republican, Independent or of the TEA Party, in today's society it's just powder keg waiting to go off!

But I thought I could get one message across and that is, no matter what you believe you must VOTE!
So to all of my fellow crocheters I've developed this printable just for you!

Just Vote!!

It only takes a few minutes and you become part of the process. Then stitch! In fact, stitch as you wait in line!! HA!!!

I've got 9 wks. of unemployment left. I've been applying to anything related to graphic design and frantically searching the web daily on all of my job search engines. I sent out 4 resumes/art samples on Sunday, one yesterday and two today. Somebody just call me for an interview!!!!! I've even resorted to this on a daily basis.

You can't go wrong with a prayer on your side!

My class for Web Design starts on Mon, Jan.30. So excited. When I get down to six weeks and still nothing it looks like I'll be heading over to Disney to get something, anything to pay bills. I've been told you have to start at the bottom and once you're in you can move around and that may be the only way I will be able to get into their graphics depts.  So if you have a spare moment send a prayer out to the Gods that I will get a job soon.

Back to politics, I'm watching the State of the Union tonight. Please extend unemployment benefits Mr. President! You're going to have people wandering the streets if you don't!!

Crochet away!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012


I am running a Showcase in my Etsy shop today. I'm new to Etsy. I started my shop in the middle of November. So I am in the trial and error stage right now. I took pictures of my hats. Number one, I'm not modeling them I look horrible in hats, my big burly husband would look good but he's not wearing pink and purple, I can't afford to pay models so I just photographed them over a background pattern. I loaded up the pictures and hoped the magic would happen. Nothing. It's been 2 months now and no purchases.

So for the New Year I decided to revamp. When I thought the background wouldn't matter, apparently, it does. So I set to work yesterday to re-photograph my hats and other projects. Very interesting. I wanted something homey and antique looking. Lo and behold my mother-in-law has this old chair out on the lanai that the paint is chipping etc. It was perfect. So the new photos look so good, I think. So I'll be watching the Showcase to see if it makes the difference.

I know the hats are good. I know I have many more colors and patterns to offer. So lets see if this works.

This was my background before. I thought it was quite mod, but turns out, just too busy.

Here is the new homey, country background.

I'm still doing my printables. Check them out on Etsy too! http://www.etsy.com/shop/valerierehrman  Take a look around!

I'm still working on a pattern for a cozy for my iMac. I thought I had it the other day but ended up ripping everything out. I'll try again.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pretty Flower Coasters!

I came across this coaster pattern last night and thought I'd make a 4 pack this afternoon. They are so cute. Perfect for your favorite coffee mug or drink. They take less than a half hour to make a piece and the yarn choices are endless. These are made with cotton yarn. I had these two color combos left. A good way to use up those little left overs!

Here's the pattern for these coaster cuties!! http://www.crochetspot.com/crochet-pattern-cool-coasters-1/

They look like a little flower patch!
I'm in search of a pattern to make a cozy around my iMac monitor. Just enough to cover the edges. So far no luck. Maybe I'll have to make a pattern up! Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I've been working with hearts lately. I came across this pattern today through Red Heart.

This pattern was posted today on Red Heart's Facebook page. I highly recommend you like their Facebook page because they post free patterns all the time. It's great.

http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/crochet-box-chocolates  Can you believe this? This is a commitment to really create something extraordinary!! I'm feeling anxious just looking at it. I'd love to give it a shot but I see a lot of ripping out a pattern every 50 seconds!! So creative.

New look!

I spent a few minutes this afternoon tidying up my blog. I gave it a new colorful look with a new header and background. Love color! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baking, baking, baking and other stuff!

Today I just plain felt like baking. Something simple, in and out. Chocolate chip cookies. It doesn't get much simpler than that. So I set to work and decided to create a graphic in the process.

So much fun! I've also completed another Crochet printable.

This printable is 9"x9.5". For the crochet lover in your life!

Here is the project I'm working on finishing today. Wrist warmers in mixed berries. This is my current favorite yarn and color!

I finished them in the meantime so I came back and posted the final product!

Added a little heart for Valentine's Day! Keeping it red and happy!

 I pick up my voucher tomorrow from my Workforce counselor tomorrow and get to drop it off at Stetson University at Celebration. I start my class on Jan. 30. Learning how to design web sites. Can't wait!!!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I love crocheting!

With the Valentine's Day Holiday fast approaching I've been thinking of some new printables rolling around in my head. Here's a new one I developed last night. If you go to my Etsy shop you can purchase the pdf, print it at home and frame it or just post it in your studio, bulletin board or whatever your little heart desires. I enjoy marrying my two passions, graphic design and crochet.

This printable is 10"x13" and can be printed out on 11"x17" paper.  Makes me want to go buy a bag of candy hearts!!
I'm working on a pair of wrist warmers and then a new cowl scarf design from a great blog and Facebook page The Crochet Crowd. Check out this pattern: http://thecrochetcrowd.com/1-hour-mobius--cowl-pattern/257-one-hour-mobius-infinity-scarf-or-cowl.html

Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's chilly here too!

The weather here if Central Florida is actually in the 50's. Brrrrr! Sorry all of my friends in the Detroit Metro area! I know you just got hit with a snow storm.

I've been searching for another wrist warmer pattern and came across this one - http://petitepurls.com/Winter12/winter2012_p_wristy.html. It's cute. I thought I'd do a test version to see if I am doing it right etc. My driving glove project has been put on hold because I lost patience (back in 1982) so I've moved on for now.

Petite Pearls Wrist Warmer. Instead of real buttons I did crocheted buttons. I also would pick a prettier color next time. This is what I had in my bin today. Next time I may even use a smaller needle so that it doesn't come out so bulky, also fuzzier yarn.

This is a pair I made from a previous pattern just extending the top to cover the knuckles! This is in that pretty mixed berries color. I just have to make the accompanying one to make the pair!
These are really fun projects because you get results fast. I'm going yarn shopping tonight so I hope I come home with a great assortment and good colors. I have another hat pattern I want to try and it calls for 4 different colors. I'm thinking of something in the Valentines family. Reds, purples but nothing too in your face.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yarn Bombing!

Take a look at these yarn bombing pics I found on-line. Very inspirational. Makes you wonder, could I do that? Look out anything standing still eh?

It makes me think that my little pattern I'm having trouble with is nothing. It's like yarn bombing your hand!! I'll figure you out yet driving gloves!!!

Not giving up, just putting it down!

Okay, I didn't really give up, I just thought that I was in the middle of an origami project instead. Something is not right. Thankfully I got a response from Lion Brand who saw my blog post. They gave me a number to call to help me through the pattern. So if I get to the point where I am throwing my hands up in the air I'll pick up the phone.

Speaking of phones, I decided to create a phone cover instead as a quick project.

I did this instead as a gift for a friend. Restless crocheting!
As I said before, I'm not giving up just putting it away. Urrrrrrrr!!!!!!

It fits like a glove!

I started a new project last night and I'm stuck. I am trying to make the Crochet Driving Gloves in this pattern: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/80007AD.html?noImages= I've gotten the first part done and now I am at the shape hand part and I don't get it. I keep staring at the directions, fumbling with the part I've got done, folding it this way and that!!! I just can't see how it goes together. So I'll be spending part of my day trying to figure it out. I'll get it, it's just going to take a hot shower, perfectly styled hair, a fresh glass of Diet Coke and then maybe the stars will align and the angels will sing and it will come to me...and maybe not the perfectly styled hair.

I think I'm supposed to fold it over and then find the 7th stitch and start in the round. Ummmmm.....I know crochet and I can't figure out why I'm stumped. Something will click, I know it, right?
I usually don't use patterns that require markers etc. because I find them too confining but I thought alright, I'll give it a try. I used an old crochet sewing needle as the marker.

If you take a look at the pattern and see the part where you start to shape the hand, and you can figure it out send me an email. vrehrman@cfl.rr.com. Maybe I can push through and get the project done. And believe me, I'll get the project done. And I will wear these puppies if it kills me!!!! Picture to come!!!!

In the meantime, I've been scrolling through my Facebook page and came across an entry from the Tomkat Studio http://www.thetomkatstudio.com Her design work is fabulous. Take a look.

I also watched a tutorial on the wave pattern from The Crochet World. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1AmNif_gYQ&feature=plcp&context=C3301c64UDOEgsToPDskL2IRKZbCLUjLqUk44Wcbko It was pretty interesting. It makes me want to start an afghan which is something that I was trying to get away from for awhile. I have always done afghans solely and now I've expanded my horizons with hats etc. It's faster and I like seeing a completed piece so quickly. But nothing has ever stopped me from working on more than one project before. I need more yarn!!!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mixed Berries!

This color is fabulous isn't it? Mixed Berries. It's the perfect name. Cranberries, Raspberries, Strawberries...I see that in this color. The yarn is Tweed Stripes from Lion Brand Yarn. It's easy to work with and warm and fuzzy.

These wrist warmers are a gift for a friend but I love the color!!!
Here's the pattern link: http://www.kundhi.com/blog/2010/01/22/tiny-crochet-heart-pattern/

Today I'm in search of a pretty cowl pattern. I've made a few and I'm looking for another big and chunky cowl.

In the meantime I've got to get these wrist warmers ready to go into the mail.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rapping - I mean wrapping!

Yo, yo, yo....and by that I mean yarn over, yarn over, yarn over!!! Lately I've been saving all of my yarn wrappers, for two reasons. One, I like to save the patterns that are printed inside so that you can make what is in the picture, and second it helps me remember the actual colors and yarn company I use. I think I may start a wrapper book that I just tape the wrappers inside of.

These are some the wrappers I've gone through in the past few weeks.

I know any of you that are on ravelry.com are probably laughing at me. I keep forgetting that ravelry.com is exactly where I should go to write all of this stuff down. But for some reason I like seeing the wrappers and as a graphic designer I am so taken by the names...Kansas City Wheat, Lakeside, Aspen Tweed, Marble, Carrott and the new skein in the picture Mixed Berries (which I think is the most perfect name for those colors!).

If you remember in a previous blog I got to meet a few gals that were out knitting at a meet up. They all met through Ravelry.com. So I guess I better head on over and start updating my profile and filing away my projects. I'm trying to keep up with technology. I'm also going to start working on an official website for Ball of Yarn Designs. I'm going to school to learn web design at the end of the month but I also have experience building a web site with a free drag and drop site that I'll use in the meantime. It's so much fun.

I hope all of your projects are going well. If you follow this blog regularly send me an email and some pictures. I'd love to see what you're working on! Email me: vrehrman@cfl.rr.com

Wait, there is one more thing! I came across this picture in another blog.

This is from the mother of yarn bombing Magda Sayeg. Visit her website: http://www.magdasayeg.com/. Incredible!