Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's chilly here too!

The weather here if Central Florida is actually in the 50's. Brrrrr! Sorry all of my friends in the Detroit Metro area! I know you just got hit with a snow storm.

I've been searching for another wrist warmer pattern and came across this one - It's cute. I thought I'd do a test version to see if I am doing it right etc. My driving glove project has been put on hold because I lost patience (back in 1982) so I've moved on for now.

Petite Pearls Wrist Warmer. Instead of real buttons I did crocheted buttons. I also would pick a prettier color next time. This is what I had in my bin today. Next time I may even use a smaller needle so that it doesn't come out so bulky, also fuzzier yarn.

This is a pair I made from a previous pattern just extending the top to cover the knuckles! This is in that pretty mixed berries color. I just have to make the accompanying one to make the pair!
These are really fun projects because you get results fast. I'm going yarn shopping tonight so I hope I come home with a great assortment and good colors. I have another hat pattern I want to try and it calls for 4 different colors. I'm thinking of something in the Valentines family. Reds, purples but nothing too in your face.

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