Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rapping - I mean wrapping!

Yo, yo, yo....and by that I mean yarn over, yarn over, yarn over!!! Lately I've been saving all of my yarn wrappers, for two reasons. One, I like to save the patterns that are printed inside so that you can make what is in the picture, and second it helps me remember the actual colors and yarn company I use. I think I may start a wrapper book that I just tape the wrappers inside of.

These are some the wrappers I've gone through in the past few weeks.

I know any of you that are on are probably laughing at me. I keep forgetting that is exactly where I should go to write all of this stuff down. But for some reason I like seeing the wrappers and as a graphic designer I am so taken by the names...Kansas City Wheat, Lakeside, Aspen Tweed, Marble, Carrott and the new skein in the picture Mixed Berries (which I think is the most perfect name for those colors!).

If you remember in a previous blog I got to meet a few gals that were out knitting at a meet up. They all met through So I guess I better head on over and start updating my profile and filing away my projects. I'm trying to keep up with technology. I'm also going to start working on an official website for Ball of Yarn Designs. I'm going to school to learn web design at the end of the month but I also have experience building a web site with a free drag and drop site that I'll use in the meantime. It's so much fun.

I hope all of your projects are going well. If you follow this blog regularly send me an email and some pictures. I'd love to see what you're working on! Email me:

Wait, there is one more thing! I came across this picture in another blog.

This is from the mother of yarn bombing Magda Sayeg. Visit her website: Incredible!


  1. There is so much wrong with that bus picture, I hardly know where to begin... *sigh*
    And I think you mean R a v e l r y. You keep spelling it R a v e r l y....(:
    How sad is it that after more than 20 years of crocheting, I have finally mastered granny squares? (: I'm making blocks of all my leftover yarns, and then I'll sort them by weights, and do *something* with them I'm sure. (:

  2. Spelling change noted and corrected. I know what you mean about leftovers. I have a basket that is overflowing with little balls of yarn that I'm trying to figure out what to do with.

  3. Thrift stores and charities.... Hospitals. Make squares and sew them by weight to make little baby blankets. I had leftover squares from a doll dress with roses, so I took all my matching yarn and I'm making that into a lap blanket for the same girl I gave the doll to. I have forbidden myself from buying any more yarn until I have used everything else I have. (: I've been collecting for decades. The problem was, I'd see a yarn I liked and buy it, but had no idea about yardage, and gauge, and patterns. I see a lot of baby blankets in my future. (: