Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little political message!

I've learned my lesson. Never discuss politics! You can never please everyone and whether you're Democrat or Republican, Independent or of the TEA Party, in today's society it's just powder keg waiting to go off!

But I thought I could get one message across and that is, no matter what you believe you must VOTE!
So to all of my fellow crocheters I've developed this printable just for you!

Just Vote!!

It only takes a few minutes and you become part of the process. Then stitch! In fact, stitch as you wait in line!! HA!!!

I've got 9 wks. of unemployment left. I've been applying to anything related to graphic design and frantically searching the web daily on all of my job search engines. I sent out 4 resumes/art samples on Sunday, one yesterday and two today. Somebody just call me for an interview!!!!! I've even resorted to this on a daily basis.

You can't go wrong with a prayer on your side!

My class for Web Design starts on Mon, Jan.30. So excited. When I get down to six weeks and still nothing it looks like I'll be heading over to Disney to get something, anything to pay bills. I've been told you have to start at the bottom and once you're in you can move around and that may be the only way I will be able to get into their graphics depts.  So if you have a spare moment send a prayer out to the Gods that I will get a job soon.

Back to politics, I'm watching the State of the Union tonight. Please extend unemployment benefits Mr. President! You're going to have people wandering the streets if you don't!!

Crochet away!!!!

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