Monday, January 23, 2012


I am running a Showcase in my Etsy shop today. I'm new to Etsy. I started my shop in the middle of November. So I am in the trial and error stage right now. I took pictures of my hats. Number one, I'm not modeling them I look horrible in hats, my big burly husband would look good but he's not wearing pink and purple, I can't afford to pay models so I just photographed them over a background pattern. I loaded up the pictures and hoped the magic would happen. Nothing. It's been 2 months now and no purchases.

So for the New Year I decided to revamp. When I thought the background wouldn't matter, apparently, it does. So I set to work yesterday to re-photograph my hats and other projects. Very interesting. I wanted something homey and antique looking. Lo and behold my mother-in-law has this old chair out on the lanai that the paint is chipping etc. It was perfect. So the new photos look so good, I think. So I'll be watching the Showcase to see if it makes the difference.

I know the hats are good. I know I have many more colors and patterns to offer. So lets see if this works.

This was my background before. I thought it was quite mod, but turns out, just too busy.

Here is the new homey, country background.

I'm still doing my printables. Check them out on Etsy too!  Take a look around!

I'm still working on a pattern for a cozy for my iMac. I thought I had it the other day but ended up ripping everything out. I'll try again.

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