Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pug Patron of Crochet!

It's a lazy Saturday morning around here. They say the proof is in the pudding and by the looks of this picture, by patron of crochet, Baron von Rehrman is not moving anytime soon!

I'm too sleepy to do anything today Mommy!
I think he's trying to tell me to get started on a new project. I'm thinking of doing something with these colors.

I'd like to make another snowboarder hat. These are kind of funky colors to create something cool.
May the New Year be the Best Ever!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

The finish line!

I finished the wrist warmers and I think they turned out cute. I was going to leave them plain but I felt they were screaming for something else so I attached a flower to each one.

The flower detail is cute. You could even use another color or any of the hundreds of flower patterns there are available out there.

I wish I could wear these down here in Florida but it's just too hot right now.

I came across a bag pattern the other day that I may start next. Still haven't found the right snowboarder pattern yet. I'm still trying to develop it.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

This and that!

I started making another pair of wrist warmers. I used the Tweed Stripes yarn from Lion Brand called Marble. I like the subtle gradiated color from light to dark gray.  They look quite cozy don't they?

         Here's one finished and another with a few more rows to go. The pattern is pretty easy.

From the top.

From the bottom.
In the midst of working on this project and others, I started reading a new book that I got as a Christmas present. I wanted the new novel by Stephen King. It's about what would the world would have been like if Kennedy had never been assassinated. I started reading it last night. I'm just getting into it. It has to do with a portal that leads a high school English teacher back to the late 50s. It going to be an all consuming book. 

This is Stephen King's new book. It's good so far!!!
As I work at my desk everyday I have a secret weapon. I always try to keep a Disney themed wallpaper on my screen. As you know I am still looking for a job and my dream job would be to work in Graphic Design with the Disney Corporation. So I keep Disney images around as if somehow that's going to help. The power of positive thinking I guess.

Besides that Mickey smile keeps me going. I'm here in Orlando now, so I've got to make it happen!!
Tomorrow's project. I tried a new snowboarder hat but wasn't happy so I'm trying again! I may work on some more printables too. Check out my printables on my Etsy site.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yarn Haul!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We had a very enjoyable day. My husband was up early working on the turkey. He created a wonderful dinner. Thanks Chef Steve!  My mother-in-law had a friend over who brought her Stepfather at the age of 90, so we had a full table. After a morning of opening presents, Santa was good to us even though we've had a really tough year, we were in the kitchen helping out and getting things ready.

Chef Steve before his beautiful dinner. Turkey, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, maple glazed carrots, coleslaw, rolls, cranberry vinaigrette salad with cranberries and walnuts. It was perfect!
Here's my cookie platter! I made chocolate chips, the old standby, snowballs and buckeyes. My mother-in-law made peanut butter too!

Santa brought me a good yarn haul!!! Well actually my husband got me quite a few skeins of yarn. I would have been happy with nothing but yarn actually.

I also had two other skeins of one of my other new favorite yarns Hometown USA by Lion Brand.
I didn't waste any time and got right to work last night and made this cowl scarf!!! It's so warm!! Perfect for throwing on under a coat on the way to the movies or the mall! Here's the pattern:
I embellished the pattern a little by adding a different color. I may even add a button or something. I also did a chain of 50 because I thought the chain of 37 was too small for me. Wish I could wear it down here in Florida but I'd never make it out of the house before sweating to death!! HA!

My husband was so sweet too, because he bought me a How to Knit kit. I have always crocheted and I really have tried to knit. But whenever I try, and the last time I did was about 5 years ago, my stitches are so tight that they end up flinging themselves off the needle.

Here's my beginners Knitting Kit. Should be interesting. For as much as I know about crochet, I know nothing about knitting! Anxious!!! He also got me a little acrylic paint set. I went to school and got a BFA and I haven't painted in years. So he's trying to inspire me to start painting again. It comes with a little tiny canvas. I'm thinking about doing a portrait of our pug Baron!!

Anyway, after my experience of running into the girls who met on Raverly the other day I said that I'd like to try it again. Let's see if I can make it work this time. So you'll be hearing about my knitting adventures coming up in future blogs. I'm kind of anxious. Any advice? Any starter projects you can recommend?

I've already checked the job boards this morning. There was one graphic designer position at Walt Disney World (my dream job!) and I quickly set to applying for it. When I hit the apply button it said that the position had already been filled. It was just posted!!! Bummer!!! So I'm back searching and searching again. Send your good vibes my way!!

In the meantime, I'm remaining creative and going to create another snowboarder hat in a funky color. I'm thinking I'll use that purple! You should see that coming down the slopes from far away!!!

Have a great day and remain creative!!!

Crocheting Conversations!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Sisters in Yarn!

Yesterday my husband and I were having lunch at the House of Blues at the West End at Disney.

We were sitting outside waiting for the musical entertainment to start when all of a sudden some women sat down at a table down the way from us. They pulled out knitting projects and started knitting. All three of them. Immediately I had to go and investigate.

I introduced myself and asked what they were working on. You just don't see people gathered outside knitting. I was so excited. Of course I had to tell them that I don't knit, I crochet. They replied that some of them crochet as well. I sat down and we started a conversation. They told me that they had all met on I have signed up with many months ago and kinda forgot about it and they told me that I need to revisit it! That I will become addicted to the Forums. That is how they all met and they get together to work on projects. They convinced me to try knitting again. I have such trouble with keeping the stitches on the needles. The last time I tried it was probably over 5 years ago. I left them one of my cards so that they could read my blog and then we were off to continue our Christmas shopping. It was a really fun encounter. So girls, three Laura's and one Robin, I promise I will try to start learning to knit in the New Year. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Oh, one more thing, not to bring the conversation down, but I wanted to pay tribute to the woman who taught me to crochet, my mother. She passed away 26 years ago, on December 20. So to you Mom I owe a lifetime of creativity. I love you, miss you and will be forever grateful for all that you taught me.

My Father and Mother in their wedding picture. They were married on June 1, 1957. My mother was ahead of her times in that she had the lace on her shoulders and arms before the Duchess of Cornwall, (Kate!). I referenced this picture after the wedding and realized that they were very similar. Way to go mom!!!

I guess I never mentioned from the get go of this blog that I am totally obsessed with the Royal Wedding and the Royal Family. I set my alarm and slept on the couch and watched it live and made comments on Facebook all night. It was so fun and so amazing. Are there any others of your out there? I know you're out there!!! I need to develop a British Union Jack hat. Hmmmm......
By the way, my husband and I were out at Disney all day again and ended up sitting at the bar at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was 5:30pm and it was 78 degrees still. We were in shorts and he was sipping on a beer and me a Diet Coke. We were so excited because we moved back to Florida around 6 mos. ago and last year, in Michigan, we were in snow and ice. So cool!!!!

I had to have a nice cool treat. The go to item is always a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar. I always eat the chocolate off first and then eat the ice cream. Another popular way is to bite the ears right off first and foremost. A little too harsh for me! HA!

Okay, I'm off to finish my Christmas shopping. I have to get everything for my husband today and the last minute dinner items. My husband is studying to be a chef so he is cooking the entire Christmas meal.

Here's the menu:
Cranberry Viniagrette Salad with Candied Walnuts, Bacon infused Turkey Breast, Baby Carrots with Maple Glaze, Stuffing with Sausage, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Peas, Corn, Rolls and Pumpkin Cheesecake. Sounds good eh? I'll be his sous chef!!

Merry Christmas to all!

Crocheting Conversations!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

1,000 Pugs!

I am a pug owner. If you are also a pug owner you know that it changes your life. My husband had always wanted a pug and for the first 14 years of our marriage all we did was talk about it. Then one day I got a new boss at work. Within the first 5 minutes of conversation he relayed to me that he was a pug owner. In fact, he was the owner of 5 pugs. He convinced me that I would be owning a pug very soon because he was going to be breeding shortly and I should come look at one of the puppies. He said it was fate. I didn't take it seriously.  Then the puppies were born. We went to look at them and he was right, it was fate. Our baby Baron looked up at us and that was all it took!

We have been very proud pug owners for the past 2 years. Baron turned 2 on 10-4 good buddy!!! He is the light of our lives. We don't have kids so Baron is our baby boy. Have I dressed him in a sweater once or twice? Maybe. Have I pranced him around the neighborhood on his walks proud and majestically? Maybe. Have I whispered goobbly goop in his ear like he was a little baby? Maybe. Okay, I spoil him rotten. But if you could see those big brown eyes staring up at you, you would do the same. The most precious face any mommy would love.

This is Baron at 9 wks old. Now don't tell me you wouldn't fall in love with that face. His Daddy could hold him in one hand.
He loved getting into things when he was a baby. We put him in this box for a picture and he was happy as a clam. He was probably around 11 mos. old here.

Recently, as I scroll through the internet working on my blog or checking Facebook etc. I ran across a website called It is a project by San Francisco pet photographer, Amanda Bradshaw, to photograph pugs across the nation in the next year to raise money for pug rescues and to spread pug love. If you are a pug rescue organization I encourage you to sign up and get them to come to see you. People can come to have their pug photographed for $50. The good thing is $10 of the fee will go to the rescue network.

The website is beautiful, not because it's full of pug pictures, but also because it is beautifully designed. Being a graphic designer, I love the fresh, clean look of it. More importantly it's not stuffy. The writing is fun and approachable. Hats off to the organization. Take a look and have fun browsing through the different sections. If you have a pug rescue organization in your area contact them and get them involved. It's a fantastic project.

How does my love of pugs relate to crocheting conversations you ask? Well Baron is never far away when I sit and crochet. My desk is next to a love seat in the den where I work. He lays on the love seat or sometimes on the arm of the love seat right next to me. He has to be nearby. He's my little cheerleader. “Keep going, mommy! You can finish that hat!” He could be at the opposite end of the house but as soon as I pick up a crochet needle he runs in and takes a seat on the couch.

The latest post from 1000 pugs - features a contest SYOP (Shoot Your Own Pug) of taking a picture of your pug with something warm and fuzzy. Hats, mittens, scarves. What? Hats? I'm there!!

This is the most beautiful picture of a pug right? So gorgeous! Take a look at the website. It is my mission to promote this project! Love a pug!!!

So immediately I set to work to create the perfect picture of Baron wearing one of my hats. Yea right. He wasn't having it. I love to watch you work Mommy, but I'm not wearing it. He had it on for maybe 5.2 seconds and then grabbed it out of my hand and ran down the hall with the tassles blowing in the wind. I had to wrestle him for it. I'm not giving up, just waiting for him to settle down and maybe fall asleep. Does the photo count if you just lay a hat next to a sleeping pug? HA!!!
Pug in a Hat! I caught him when he was just nodding off. He looks so thrilled. I'm going to work on the perfect picture to enter the contest. Baron you're going to be running from Mommy all day!!
As you can see I have lots of work to do. I need to contact a local pug rescue and convince them to get on board with this project. I look forward to seeing all of the pug pictures after a year in a book that the project will create.

If you are a pug owner get involved!!! If you're a crocheter, start putting your work to good use and photograph it on a pug!! HA!!!

Crocheting Conversations!

Okay, here's one more of Baron!!

This is a design I did for a possible sticker!!!
Love your Pug!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Cookies!

Every year my sister and I get together around the second weekend of December and bake up Christmas cookies. We choose 5 different recipes and make 2 batches each. Then we divvy up the cookies between us and we give them to friends and family making up cookie platters. This year I'm in Florida and she is in Michigan. So today I did cookies by myself. It wasn't the same. Miss you Janet!!!

I had fun mixing and stirring though. This year I ended up making Buckeyes, Snowballs, and Chocolate Chip. So some are on a sample platter for the family to nibble on and the rest are packed in containers in the fridge awaiting the official Christmas platter.

Chocolate Chip!
Here's a new printable as well!

This printable is 5"x4".
I'm also working on a hat design that has a half ear flap. No tassles and just covers the ears.

I think the half ear flap is cute. This is a perfect way to use up all of the scraps of yarn I have left in my basket from recent projects. Cool color combo!!
I still have shopping to do for my in-laws and I haven't even started on my husband yet. That is the plan for all day Friday. So much to do!!!!

Crocheting Conversations!

Monday, December 19, 2011

More Printables!

Here are a couple of new printables for your viewing!! These are fun little pieces to send to your fellow crochet friends!! Take a look!

Image size is 5"x5".
Image size is 4"x5".

Visit my Etsy Shop to purchase and receive a high quality PDF.

Friday, December 16, 2011


If you have read any of my earlier blogs you know I'm a graphic designer by trade. I've been working on a Mac doing design for the past 25 years. I've designed everything from brochures, menus, advertising ads, to my patterns that I write. Recently I've discovered something called Printables.

Printables are images designed to print out and do with what you may. Frame them, pin them up on your bulletin boards, make cards out of them etc.

I have an Etsy shop and I have decided to use my graphic abilities to start designing some printables to sell in my shop. If you purchase you will receive a high quality PDF formatted file that you can print from your own printer at home. The purchase price is only $4 too!

This Tree Ornament is actually a pattern. Each row shown is a row of the pattern. Directions are printed at the bottom. Delight your friends and family with this cute ornament and printable!    Image size is 4"x5".

Image size is 4"x5".
Image size is 4"x5".

Check out my Etsy site and you too can get a download of these printables! Have some fun!

I hope that Santa brings me lots of yarn! I've got so many projects to start and I'm still in working on writing a pattern for my ultimate snowboarder hat!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I'm spending today developing a new hat. I wanted to take the time to say Happy Holidays to you all!

Happy Holidays to you and yours from Crocheting Conversations!!! Valerie Rehrman, Baron the pug Rehrman, Stephen Rehrman and Minnie & Mickey!!!!

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday. My holiday cheer kicked in yesterday so I am so looking forward to getting shopping done this weekend and trying to get into the moment when there is no snow outside. I'll take the palm trees believe me!!!

Lots to do! My husband is studying to become a chef so we are planning a Christmas dinner with menus and everything. Should be fun or maybe we just watch too much Food Network! HA!

Keep those hooks moving through the holidays. Download as many patterns as you can and keep them in a folder on your desktop. Easy access! I shuffle through my patterns all the time trying to get ideas or just to start something new.

If you get the chance, try to do something for someone else this holiday season. My husband and I love to go through the toll roads around the holiday and pay for the person behind us and see the look on their face as they pass us by on the highway. Too cool! Not expected!

Happy Holidays! Oh, one more thing, if you wouldn't mind putting a prayer out into the universe to help me find a job!!!! It's driving me crazy!!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Little Baby Sweetie!

My friend recently had her first baby. He's beautiful! We used to work together and she had always talked about having a baby one day. That day finally came. I am so happy for her.

For a shower gift I crocheted her a papoose, bootie and hat set.

This little set was so fun and quick to make!
Last night I decided I wanted to make a little hat that has teddy bear ears. It's so cute and fast to make. So this is on it's way to the new mommy & daddy and baby boy!

Little teddy bear hat for the cutest baby boy!
I haven't started a lick of Christmas shopping. So I will one of the millions out shopping this weekend and next. (I always leave it until the last minute every year!) That's okay, I came here from Detroit. I know how to worm my way through a crowd! HA!

Here is the link to this pattern: (I did add the border at the bottom by adding one row sc, and 2 more rows dc and then just folded it up).

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I made a new hat last night. It's the same pattern as the Carrot Topper but in these Ocean Blue colors. I like the color combo.

My husband and I were out last night and everywhere I go whenever I see someone with a crocheted hat on I have to take notice and make a mental note. was that made? Do I know the stitches? What color could I do that hat in? Granted down here in Florida seeing people wearing crocheted hats is few and far between so when I see someone I really look at the hat. Being a Michigander at heart I still think it's going to snow! HA!!!

This is a new ear flap I made with Ocean blue colors. I like the bright colors!

My hats are piling up on the shelf as you can see! Visit my Etsy shop and check them all out!

I'm surprised at how many hats I've been able to develop and experiment with. Loving it!

Here's another hat I've been messing around with. I was thinking about making a unique ear flap hat. What about a flap down the back with a tassle. So this is what I came up with. It's pretty cool when you put it on because the back tassle hangs down your back outside of your coat. Unique...

This is the front. It's done in Hunter Orange and Chocolate Fun Fur! Definitely a statement!

This is the back with the back of the neck flap and back tassle. It looks pretty cool on.

I'm off today to spend the day with my husband. I'm sure we'll end up somewhere on Disney property site seeing and partaking in the Christmas spirit and decorations.

Here's some decorations from the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian from our last visit earlier this week.

This is a tree in the downstairs lobby of the Polynesian Hotel.

This is the tree in the lobby of The Grand Floridian Hotel.

These are the shop girls from inside of the Gingerbread House constructed in the lobby of The Grand Floridian Hotel.
This is the Gingerbread House in the lobby of the Grand Floridian. The shop is inside and you can purchase Gingerbread Houses, candies etc. around the other side from the above shop girls!
Have a great day and Happy Holidays!! What are you working on?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Gifts

I stumbled across a pattern for a Doily. Normally I'm not a doily person. I've never made one before. But this pattern was so pretty I couldn't resist. I knew the perfect person to make it for so I found some Christmas yarn I had bought a few years ago and set to work. This is the same pattern that I have mentioned earlier that I ripped out twice and was starting over for the third time. I am happy to report the third time was the charm!  I am currently on row 16 of 24. Each row seems to get more complicated than the row before.

The circular pattern lends itself to the middle of a round table or even possibly a Christmas Tree Skirt.

A detail of one of the leaf patterns.

Detail of the center circle.

This color combo lends itself for the holidays. I think it would also be pretty in a gold metallic yarn. Very elegant.
So after every row I have to take a break to give my brain a rest for a few minutes. If you take your eye off of the pattern for a second it's very easy to lose your place, hence having to rip out rows and start over again.

Happy Holidays! What Christmas project are you working on?