Thursday, December 29, 2011

This and that!

I started making another pair of wrist warmers. I used the Tweed Stripes yarn from Lion Brand called Marble. I like the subtle gradiated color from light to dark gray.  They look quite cozy don't they?

         Here's one finished and another with a few more rows to go. The pattern is pretty easy.

From the top.

From the bottom.
In the midst of working on this project and others, I started reading a new book that I got as a Christmas present. I wanted the new novel by Stephen King. It's about what would the world would have been like if Kennedy had never been assassinated. I started reading it last night. I'm just getting into it. It has to do with a portal that leads a high school English teacher back to the late 50s. It going to be an all consuming book. 

This is Stephen King's new book. It's good so far!!!
As I work at my desk everyday I have a secret weapon. I always try to keep a Disney themed wallpaper on my screen. As you know I am still looking for a job and my dream job would be to work in Graphic Design with the Disney Corporation. So I keep Disney images around as if somehow that's going to help. The power of positive thinking I guess.

Besides that Mickey smile keeps me going. I'm here in Orlando now, so I've got to make it happen!!
Tomorrow's project. I tried a new snowboarder hat but wasn't happy so I'm trying again! I may work on some more printables too. Check out my printables on my Etsy site.

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