Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Little Baby Sweetie!

My friend recently had her first baby. He's beautiful! We used to work together and she had always talked about having a baby one day. That day finally came. I am so happy for her.

For a shower gift I crocheted her a papoose, bootie and hat set.

This little set was so fun and quick to make!
Last night I decided I wanted to make a little hat that has teddy bear ears. It's so cute and fast to make. So this is on it's way to the new mommy & daddy and baby boy!

Little teddy bear hat for the cutest baby boy!
I haven't started a lick of Christmas shopping. So I will one of the millions out shopping this weekend and next. (I always leave it until the last minute every year!) That's okay, I came here from Detroit. I know how to worm my way through a crowd! HA!

Here is the link to this pattern: (I did add the border at the bottom by adding one row sc, and 2 more rows dc and then just folded it up).

Happy Holidays!

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