Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yarn Haul!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We had a very enjoyable day. My husband was up early working on the turkey. He created a wonderful dinner. Thanks Chef Steve!  My mother-in-law had a friend over who brought her Stepfather at the age of 90, so we had a full table. After a morning of opening presents, Santa was good to us even though we've had a really tough year, we were in the kitchen helping out and getting things ready.

Chef Steve before his beautiful dinner. Turkey, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, maple glazed carrots, coleslaw, rolls, cranberry vinaigrette salad with cranberries and walnuts. It was perfect!
Here's my cookie platter! I made chocolate chips, the old standby, snowballs and buckeyes. My mother-in-law made peanut butter too!

Santa brought me a good yarn haul!!! Well actually my husband got me quite a few skeins of yarn. I would have been happy with nothing but yarn actually.

I also had two other skeins of one of my other new favorite yarns Hometown USA by Lion Brand.
I didn't waste any time and got right to work last night and made this cowl scarf!!! It's so warm!! Perfect for throwing on under a coat on the way to the movies or the mall! Here's the pattern: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/L0048C.html?noImages=
I embellished the pattern a little by adding a different color. I may even add a button or something. I also did a chain of 50 because I thought the chain of 37 was too small for me. Wish I could wear it down here in Florida but I'd never make it out of the house before sweating to death!! HA!

My husband was so sweet too, because he bought me a How to Knit kit. I have always crocheted and I really have tried to knit. But whenever I try, and the last time I did was about 5 years ago, my stitches are so tight that they end up flinging themselves off the needle.

Here's my beginners Knitting Kit. Should be interesting. For as much as I know about crochet, I know nothing about knitting! Anxious!!! He also got me a little acrylic paint set. I went to school and got a BFA and I haven't painted in years. So he's trying to inspire me to start painting again. It comes with a little tiny canvas. I'm thinking about doing a portrait of our pug Baron!!

Anyway, after my experience of running into the girls who met on Raverly the other day I said that I'd like to try it again. Let's see if I can make it work this time. So you'll be hearing about my knitting adventures coming up in future blogs. I'm kind of anxious. Any advice? Any starter projects you can recommend?

I've already checked the job boards this morning. There was one graphic designer position at Walt Disney World (my dream job!) and I quickly set to applying for it. When I hit the apply button it said that the position had already been filled. It was just posted!!! Bummer!!! So I'm back searching and searching again. Send your good vibes my way!!

In the meantime, I'm remaining creative and going to create another snowboarder hat in a funky color. I'm thinking I'll use that purple! You should see that coming down the slopes from far away!!!

Have a great day and remain creative!!!

Crocheting Conversations!


  1. My grandmother taught me a chain stitch when I was a little girl, for years there were scarves and blankets, because I couldn't follow a pattern. My sister has always crocheted. A few years ago, she taught herself to paint too, beautiful things! I was SO jealous. I decided to teach myself something she couldn't do, so I went to AC Moore, got a 6$ pamphlet, a freebie "beginner" pattern for a hat and scarf, read how much yarn it needed, and what size needles and bought the cheapest of those i could find, and set out to teach myself to knit. A month and a half later, countless screamed epithets of "I thought this was supposed to be a *RELAXING* hobby!" and some serious stress, I had a hat too small for even a doll, and a scarf that was 6' long. Now I can pop out a hat and scarf combo in about 6 hours. As an added bonus, I learned I could read *all* patterns, and I love doing both. I never understood the concept of gauge, or yardage before, but now, I'm so much better. I don't know if this shows you my blog, but I have a lot of my stuff on there, plus, since I "liked" your fb page, you may be able to send me a friend request, and can see my pics on there. (: Keep at it, it gets easier!

  2. I'm a long-time crocheter who recently tried knitting, as well. (You can see my results here.) My stitches were pretty tight too. (I don't like the way you have to keep pushing the stitches down on the needle--they should know how to behave without having to be adjusted constantly!) I think I'll probably do some more knitting sometime soon, if I find a good pattern that I want to try.