Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pretty Colors!

I finally did some yarn shopping!! So much fun. Being a graphic designer too it's so hard to stand before a wall of color and make a decision!!! Thankfully one of the projects I'm working on now is a request so I had the colors provided. Great color combos!!

So here is my haul. From this I shall make 2 pairs of wrist warmers and a new Snowboarder hat. Then anything left over is free game. I'm surely going to make a snowboarder hat out of the bright cyan color. I highly recommend using the Lion Brand Fun Fur. It kicks anything you make with it up to another level and they come in fun colors!!!

At the top I have Taupe and Orchid Fun Fur. The next layer is Lion Brand Hometown USA Santa Fe Tweed and the bottom layer is Red Heart Turqua and Real Teal. The wrist warmers are being made with the blues and orchid. The Snowboarder hat will be made with the Tweed and Taupe. I almost have the wrist warmers done. I'll post pics when I'm finished!!
I've been having so much fun working on projects that aren't afghans that I can't stop! I still love my afghans but I'm really enjoying seeing a projects done quickly.

What are you all working on?

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