Thursday, December 22, 2011

1,000 Pugs!

I am a pug owner. If you are also a pug owner you know that it changes your life. My husband had always wanted a pug and for the first 14 years of our marriage all we did was talk about it. Then one day I got a new boss at work. Within the first 5 minutes of conversation he relayed to me that he was a pug owner. In fact, he was the owner of 5 pugs. He convinced me that I would be owning a pug very soon because he was going to be breeding shortly and I should come look at one of the puppies. He said it was fate. I didn't take it seriously.  Then the puppies were born. We went to look at them and he was right, it was fate. Our baby Baron looked up at us and that was all it took!

We have been very proud pug owners for the past 2 years. Baron turned 2 on 10-4 good buddy!!! He is the light of our lives. We don't have kids so Baron is our baby boy. Have I dressed him in a sweater once or twice? Maybe. Have I pranced him around the neighborhood on his walks proud and majestically? Maybe. Have I whispered goobbly goop in his ear like he was a little baby? Maybe. Okay, I spoil him rotten. But if you could see those big brown eyes staring up at you, you would do the same. The most precious face any mommy would love.

This is Baron at 9 wks old. Now don't tell me you wouldn't fall in love with that face. His Daddy could hold him in one hand.
He loved getting into things when he was a baby. We put him in this box for a picture and he was happy as a clam. He was probably around 11 mos. old here.

Recently, as I scroll through the internet working on my blog or checking Facebook etc. I ran across a website called It is a project by San Francisco pet photographer, Amanda Bradshaw, to photograph pugs across the nation in the next year to raise money for pug rescues and to spread pug love. If you are a pug rescue organization I encourage you to sign up and get them to come to see you. People can come to have their pug photographed for $50. The good thing is $10 of the fee will go to the rescue network.

The website is beautiful, not because it's full of pug pictures, but also because it is beautifully designed. Being a graphic designer, I love the fresh, clean look of it. More importantly it's not stuffy. The writing is fun and approachable. Hats off to the organization. Take a look and have fun browsing through the different sections. If you have a pug rescue organization in your area contact them and get them involved. It's a fantastic project.

How does my love of pugs relate to crocheting conversations you ask? Well Baron is never far away when I sit and crochet. My desk is next to a love seat in the den where I work. He lays on the love seat or sometimes on the arm of the love seat right next to me. He has to be nearby. He's my little cheerleader. “Keep going, mommy! You can finish that hat!” He could be at the opposite end of the house but as soon as I pick up a crochet needle he runs in and takes a seat on the couch.

The latest post from 1000 pugs - features a contest SYOP (Shoot Your Own Pug) of taking a picture of your pug with something warm and fuzzy. Hats, mittens, scarves. What? Hats? I'm there!!

This is the most beautiful picture of a pug right? So gorgeous! Take a look at the website. It is my mission to promote this project! Love a pug!!!

So immediately I set to work to create the perfect picture of Baron wearing one of my hats. Yea right. He wasn't having it. I love to watch you work Mommy, but I'm not wearing it. He had it on for maybe 5.2 seconds and then grabbed it out of my hand and ran down the hall with the tassles blowing in the wind. I had to wrestle him for it. I'm not giving up, just waiting for him to settle down and maybe fall asleep. Does the photo count if you just lay a hat next to a sleeping pug? HA!!!
Pug in a Hat! I caught him when he was just nodding off. He looks so thrilled. I'm going to work on the perfect picture to enter the contest. Baron you're going to be running from Mommy all day!!
As you can see I have lots of work to do. I need to contact a local pug rescue and convince them to get on board with this project. I look forward to seeing all of the pug pictures after a year in a book that the project will create.

If you are a pug owner get involved!!! If you're a crocheter, start putting your work to good use and photograph it on a pug!! HA!!!

Crocheting Conversations!

Okay, here's one more of Baron!!

This is a design I did for a possible sticker!!!
Love your Pug!!!!

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