Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Gifts

I stumbled across a pattern for a Doily. Normally I'm not a doily person. I've never made one before. But this pattern was so pretty I couldn't resist. I knew the perfect person to make it for so I found some Christmas yarn I had bought a few years ago and set to work. This is the same pattern that I have mentioned earlier that I ripped out twice and was starting over for the third time. I am happy to report the third time was the charm!  I am currently on row 16 of 24. Each row seems to get more complicated than the row before.

The circular pattern lends itself to the middle of a round table or even possibly a Christmas Tree Skirt.

A detail of one of the leaf patterns.

Detail of the center circle.

This color combo lends itself for the holidays. I think it would also be pretty in a gold metallic yarn. Very elegant.
So after every row I have to take a break to give my brain a rest for a few minutes. If you take your eye off of the pattern for a second it's very easy to lose your place, hence having to rip out rows and start over again.

Happy Holidays! What Christmas project are you working on?


  1. I photocopy the pattern, and then use a pen, hiliter, or pencil (if I want to re-use the pattern) to mark my row after i finish each one. I keep a pad handy for things like "Row 10-36 same as row 9" so I can make hatchmarks. Hope that helps. (:

  2. Thanks for the tips! I usually do the same but lately I've been crocheting right in front of my computer so I have the pattern right up on the screen. I love downloading patterns whenever possible. I keep a file on my desktop full of patterns that I can go to whenever the need hits me. I have Facebooked Red Heart and Lion Brand so whenever they post a new pattern and I like it I'll download it on the spot. I love technology. If you get the chance, download Red Hearts new catalog. It's interactive and you can click on items and download patterns. Very cutting edge!! Love it!

  3. I bookmarked all the mainstream yarn brand home sites. So far the only ones I'm disappointed in are Carron, and Believe it or not, Red Heart. Their pattern finders are not user friendly. I tend to make a lot of different things. So when I want to make something and then go look for a pattern, they are difficult to go through. Do you just crochet? Or do you knit too? Here are some great reference links...

    That last one is a little more difficult to meander through, but it does have some good ones. The problem with it sometimes is that if you use them for the same thing, (say... Hats), you tend to get the same pattern a lot and have to go back and forth.