Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Cookies!

Every year my sister and I get together around the second weekend of December and bake up Christmas cookies. We choose 5 different recipes and make 2 batches each. Then we divvy up the cookies between us and we give them to friends and family making up cookie platters. This year I'm in Florida and she is in Michigan. So today I did cookies by myself. It wasn't the same. Miss you Janet!!!

I had fun mixing and stirring though. This year I ended up making Buckeyes, Snowballs, and Chocolate Chip. So some are on a sample platter for the family to nibble on and the rest are packed in containers in the fridge awaiting the official Christmas platter.

Chocolate Chip!
Here's a new printable as well!

This printable is 5"x4".
I'm also working on a hat design that has a half ear flap. No tassles and just covers the ears.

I think the half ear flap is cute. This is a perfect way to use up all of the scraps of yarn I have left in my basket from recent projects. Cool color combo!!
I still have shopping to do for my in-laws and I haven't even started on my husband yet. That is the plan for all day Friday. So much to do!!!!

Crocheting Conversations!

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