Wednesday, January 25, 2012

“V” is for Valentine AND Valerie!

When I was a little girl my father used to make a big deal about Valentine's Day for my sister and I. We would always get a little red shiny box of chocolates. For me it was extremely special because my Dad always said it was my holiday because it had my name in it. I was named after my Aunt Valeria. She always reminded me of Elizabeth Taylor. Valerie was not a popular name when I was a kid. All my friends had license plates on the backs of their bikes but I could never find Valerie. Veronica, Vicki, yes, Valerie NO! But around Valentine's Day I remember being so full of pride seeing every heart, every chocolate, every heart candy saying BE MINE! It was my holiday, “Val”entine's Day. My dad passed away 10 years ago this year, and up until the day he died, he was 70, he still reminded me it was my holiday.

Me and my Dad around 1963! I miss you so much!

So in honor of you dad, here are a few heartfelt items....

A heart inspired coaster called Coaster Comeback! Here is the link to the free pattern: I didn't use the same yarn, just what I had in stock, and it turned out to be more of a doily but, nonetheless, pretty!

This is the same pattern but done in purple. It really is cute. To get the coaster size you do have to use the yarn recommended in the pattern.
In case you were wondering what Disney will be doing for the Valentine Holiday here a sneak peak at what the castle will look like with special effects.

It should be quite spectacular! (Image from Walt Disney World Facebook page).
Last but not least as my gift to you I'm including a new heartfelt printable for all of my fellow crocheters AND knitters! (I still haven't pulled out the knitting kit my husband bought me for Christmas!) Print it out on your printers at home and frame it, tack it up in your studio or send it to a fellow crocheter! Have fun! (Image size at crop marks 8"x10".)

Email me at and I'll send you a high quality pdf of this file.

From now until February 14th I'll be searching out hearts of all kinds!

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