Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tweed Stripes - Lakeside!

I just finished this pair of wrist warmers for a friends birthday. I really like this pattern it is really easy. The flower I added but you could use any flower pattern that you want or you could even use buttons.
The yarn is called Tweed Stripes by Lion Brand and the color is Lakeside.

I always package up a gift or a project that is purchased in tissue paper and include one of my business cards for Ball of Yarn Designs. You never know if someone will need something later.

I also like to tie the package up in the yarn I used on the project as a little hint of what's inside!
I tried making a pair of mittens yesterday. I got half way through the pattern and ripped it out because I didn't think it looked quite right. I'll have to review the pattern again. I got the pattern from Crochet Today magazine. It's called Mitts & Muffler from their Feb. 2008 issue. I couldn't find the pattern on line to post it here. I'll try again later.

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