Thursday, September 12, 2013

Look at the birdie.....

I've been thinking about birds this week. I wondered if there were patterns to crochet birds. The answer is many beautiful things. Let fly around a little bit and see what's out there!

Crochet Birds & Their Felt Home by Agnieszka Nowak

Birdie Decorations by Attic 24

Pajarito de Crochet by Manualidades y Pretechnologia

How to Crochet a Bird from Do It Darling - A Collection  of Ideas and Inspiration

These Birdie Ornaments from Linda Permann and her book Little Crochet.

This beautiful crocheted bird is from Mountain Weaver Fiber Art Studio.

Amigurumi Wedding Birds from Denizmunn (Turkey)

Crochet Wedding Birds from Ruby & Custard - Handmade accessories for very important little people

Female House Sparrow by Sioan Karon - Naturally Inspired Crochet

This delicate and beautiful Little Crocheted Bird is from Ruby & Custard. Here's the pattern!

Now for the real birds. The paintings of birds by John J. Audubon have always inspired me. See if you can't become inspired by the colors.

Roseate Spoonbill

Carolina Parakeet - Study for Havell

Louisiana Heron

No bird soars too high if 
he soars with his own wings. 
- William Blake

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