Sunday, January 19, 2014

It's becoming a pattern....

I don't know about you but I know what I like when I see it. So when I come across a pattern on Facebook, Twitter or on the web I have to first see if I can find the pattern. Either it's freely attached or the link leads to where you can purchase this pattern.

I have a folder on my desktop that I fill with patterns whenever I see something that catches my eye. Afghans, scarves, wristers, novelty items etc. Now, mind you, I would never have the time to create all of the patterns that I squirrel away. Whether I have the time or not I just have to have the pattern for future use.

So I am going to share with you some patterns that have caught my eye in the last month or so. They are all free patterns and you can get started right away. I hope you like them as much as I do.

(There are so many great blogs and pages out there that share patterns. You should like as many pages as possible because you never know when an image will come across that you just have to have the pattern for. There is a great community of artists out there and they should inspire you to always try something new and to use a color you may never have looked at before. )

This crochet heart pattern comes from Artist of Hats - Handmade by Jose Crochet. Here's the pattern:

These lovely pin cushion design come from The pattern is derived from the African Flower pattern. Here's the pattern: Scroll down and you'll find the pattern in English.

This crocheted Heart Sachet comes from Petals to Picots. They are one of my favorite pages to follow. Lovely work. Here's the pattern:

Here's another pattern from Petals to Picots. This crochet Mason Jar Cozy would make the cutest gift. Here's the pattern:

This Peacock Feather Square is from Banana Moon Studio. So Colorful! Here's the pattern:

Drops Design always does spectacular work. I couldn't resist this pattern! 

These Neon Love Mitts come from PomPom C Millamia. So cute!

Little Sister Hat by Linda Perlman. Photo: 2011 by Brandy Fortune.

It's a Hoot Owl Container - This is just adorable. The pattern comes from my favorite place. Red Heart.

This Hearth & Home Rug from Red Heart just looks go comfy. Love it!

This elegant afghan is next up on my list of projects.  You can find this Crochet Textured Throw at Red Heart too!

One of my printables!

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