Monday, March 5, 2012


I cleaned out my workspace last weekend. It was a daunting task and one that I've been putting off. I finally decided to tackle the project. So here are some before pictures with their afters. It's a lot less cluttered and more productive. Let's see how long I can keep it this way!

This is my desk before I completely cleared it and rearranged things.
Now things are more organized and I feel lighter and more productive!!!
Here's the bookshelf side of my workspace. Can we say clutter!!!
Here it is a little more organized!
It's actually quite fun to take a space that you've been thinking of rearranging for awhile and gut it and start over.  I think it brings more energy to the space. I feel relieved after this project. What does your studio or workspace look like?

As I was cleaning up I found this...

I had all of these crocheting needles on my desk at one point! JACKPOT!! Now I have them all in one place and so excited to use each and every one of them. Aren't they lovely!
These are my favorite tools!...

I love the larger hooks and I love my yarn needles! They help to finish up my hats!
And this is my most favorite thing in my workspace. My trusty patron of crochet Baron! He is always by my side when I work. Occasionally he will even try to crawl into my lap from the couch as I am sitting in my desk chair. He has to be close to his mommy! He has finally approval of every piece I make! HA!
What does your hook collection look like?

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