Saturday, July 13, 2013

Roller Coasters...

It's a hot summer today and the perfect thing to quench your thirst would be a big pitcher of lemonade, huge glasses of ice and a small breeze. It got me to thinking about coasters for glasses. There are so many patterns for coasters and so many cute designs. So take a sip of that tangy lemonade and set it back down on a handmade coaster perfect for the summertime!

Crocheted Fruit Coasters by Makinitmama on Etsy.

Spring Blossoms by Barbara Summers.

Watermelon Coasters by Makinitmama on Etsy.

Bloom Coasters by Lanas de Ana.

Pear Coasters by Monika Design.

Spring & Summer Citrus Coasters by Stitches by Julie.

This coaster design comes from Patch, Stitch, Button.

These Little Bear Coasters come from Stitch of Love.

These adorable Sheep coasters are from a designer on Craftsy - Monika Designs

Summer is like a fresh glass of lemonade. 
You want to drink it fast, but you want it 
to last forever.

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