Saturday, November 2, 2013


In all of my searches there is currently one common theme amongst crochet items and that's the FOX! You see it everywhere! So I decided to see what was really out there! Let's go hunting....for foxes!

Crochet Fox Pillow by PeanutButterDynamite on Etsy.

This clever Crocheted Fox Scarf comes from

The pattern for The FailynnFox Cowl by Heidi May can be found on

These quaint Deer & Fox Pins are by Pica.

Crochet Fox iphone cover cozy by ninininique at Etsy.

Crochet Fox ipad case by PeanutButterDynamite at Etsy.

Red Fox Cup Cozy by tabletopjewels at Etsy.

Fox Fingerless Gloves by

Mr. Fox Fingerless Mitts by

Art from the November desktop calendar by TheCarolineJohannson.

I wanted to take a moment and let you see some projects I've been working on. I currently have two afghans that I am working on. I recently finished a basket and made some coasters last spring that I love. As you know though, I have a million projects to start but I have a feeling that I am not alone!

Ocean Waves pattern. I call this mint chocolate chip! This is almost done.

Here's another Ocean Waves I did in the colors of the ocean. It's only a quarter of the way finished.

This was a fun basket to make. I added a little bit of fun fur to give it some punch! I want to make a really big one of these!
These coasters were made with cotton yarn. The possibilities are endless.

The Snowboarder in chocolate brown.

The Snowboarder in oatmeal and chocolate brown.

Here's my pug ready for Movember wearing his mustache!!!!

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