Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's a man's world....

I'm always searching for great crochet images to share and inspire. For some reason it popped into my head to research crochet for men today. I wanted to find some really great stuff for men to wear. You don't really think of men and crochet. Most images are geared strictly for women. Take a look and see what I've found. You might agree, crochet looks good on a man...

These Modern Men's Loafers come from hollanddesigns on Etsy. I think my husband would actually wear these!!

The Man'ghan from Crochet Today designed by Katherine Eng.

Crochet Scarf by Azzalene on Etsy.

Basketweave Scarf from Love of Crochet. Looks nice and warm and cozy.

Whiskey Cozy by ElevenHandmade.

Crochet Scarf in Houndstooth Gray by MoxnixAW on Etsy.

Men's Crocheted Waxed Cotton Button Cuff Bracelet from Perfect Knot Crochet.

Men's Crochet Scarf by Yoko Okubo on

Chunky Everyday Cowl by collectioncliche on Etsy. This is so cool!....I mean warm.....

Inner Spiral Cowl Circle Scarf, Chunky, Oversize Headband by JackofHearts on Etsy.

Crochet Mustaches from

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