Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's Christmas time pretty baby....

No escaping it...Christmas is almost here! Here's a few more things that caught my eye as last minute projects or just something to put in your memory bank, or something just pretty to look at!! Enjoy...

These beautiful Crocheted Christmas ornaments come from Here the free pattern!

Reindeer Christmas Decorations from Aneta Izabela Designs by Crochet Arcade.

These beautiful crocheted Christmas tree ornaments are from Here's the free pattern!

Crocheted Christmas Stockings from PoochieBaby.

These crocheted Animal Christmas ornaments are so adorable. You can find them at ZoomYummy.

This beautiful Crocheted Granny Star comes from Petals to Picots. Here's the pattern!

Scrappy Crochet Christmas Stocking from HandandHookCrochet.

Crocheted Christmas Baubles from WhollyKao. Here's the pattern!

This cute reindeer comes from Kollabora and Spangle by SillyLilly.

Cotton Crocheted Christmas Decorations by Edangra.

Who wouldn't love a cup of hot cocoa with these wrapped around it? Crocheted Christmas Snowman Mug Hugs from ShadesofSafhire on Etsy.

These are so clever and cute! Crocheted Christmas Bracelets for pre-teens and adults from BeachDaisyJewelry on Etsy. Love these!

This cute  dog hat is from Sweethoots on Etsy. Ruff Ruff!

Here's a quick and cute ornament to make for a tree ornament or a decoration for a package I designed. Enjoy!

Photo I took at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa at Disney.

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