Saturday, December 28, 2013


Let me say this upfront...I'm not a cat person. My sister is...and some of my friends. So this post is dedicated to my sister and to my friends Dawn and Jeanne. Get your cat on....

Crochet Cat Pouch Neko Coin Purse from ABanchofFashion on

Crochet Cat by The Green Dragonfly. Here's the pattern!

Linda's New Cat Hat by lilleliis.

Multi-colored Crochet Cat by ATERGcrochet/Greta Tulner at

Chubby Tan & White Cat by ThePudgyRabbit on Etsy. So cute!

Red Rug with Kitty Applique by ekra on

Crochet Cat Bed by TiffanyCraft.

Cat Scarf by WellRaveled on

Crochet Cat Face Appliques by twpmango on

Fat Kitty. Pattern can be found at

Crochet Kitty Bag, Tapestry Crochet. Here's the pattern!

Cat Cave from Here's the pattern!

Although the cat is knitting and NOT crocheting, it's close enough!!!


  1. these are all sooo cute! ... thank you from all kitty kats everywhere!

  2. now these are REALLY cute!

  3. I *need* the knitty kitty! I do both. (: