Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Cookies....

Every year on the second weekend of December my sister and I always got together to make Christmas cookies. Now that we live is two separate states this year my husband was my sous chef and helped me make up my cookie boxes this year. It got me to thinking about crochet cookies. You won't believe what I found!!!....

These beautiful cookies come from So elegant.

Enjoy these crocheted cookies by Shannon Gerard.

This Crocheted Gingerbread Cookie Ornament comes to you via KTB Designs.

Golden Oreo Crocheted Cookie at

Crochet Sugar Cookie Scarf pattern by Twinkie Chan for Michael's. Here's the pattern!

Crochet Fortune Cookie from WakeUp&Live.

Crocheted Gingerbread Man Cookies from Sarah Zimmerman at Repeat Crafter Me.  Here's the pattern!

Chocolate Chip Cookie - Kid's Toy Food from Rose Langlitz on Ravelry.

Jammy Dodger Pattern from Here's the pattern!

CrochetNPlayDesigns brings you these Heart shaped cookies.

Peach Macaroons from Beliz82.

My Snickerdoodles!

My Chocolate Chips!

My Snowballs!

My Buckeyes!

Assembly Line!!!


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