Saturday, February 9, 2013

I'm in the mood for love...

I love Valentine's Day! Not only because my whole life my father used to get so excited about Valentine's day because he always said it was the one Holiday that had my name in it! He used to buy my sister and I a heart shaped box of chocolates every year! I also loved it because you could be so creative on Valentine's Day, designing your own cards, baking a heart shaped cake or crocheting little hearts!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is a lovely heart themed afghan. It comes from The Prairie Cottage on Etsy!

This lovely heart garland comes from Gracious Rain. I love the use of gradated yarn.

These lovely hearts can't help but make you smile! The colors are awesome. They look like Easter hearts! They come from Pink Milk.

This is a heart shaped detail from a pair of wrist warmers I made!

This is a Heart themed doilie I made from a pattern.

Here it is in purple. So sweet.

This is a Valentine Printable I did. You can drag it off to your desktop and print it right off of your computer.

Here's another printable! Enjoy!

Make a heart this week and give it to someone you love!!

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