Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's a Pug's World

If you ask anyone who knows me besides being obsessed with crocheting, there is a member of our family that I am totally obsessed husband?.....well yes, but the number one spoiled member of our family is our pug Baron von Rehrman. Let me introduce you....

My little boy Baron.

He is the end all be all in our house. Spoiled, loved, cuddled, 24/7, 365!!! So it got me to thinking...
what kind of pug design is out there? Being a graphic designer I've done a few things to highlight my puggy pug. Let's go look and see...

Baron inspired a few stickers that I designed.

He's my pug patron saint of crochet because whenever I work he is never far away. He loves to lay next to me while I crochet. He's the overseer of the the project!

Look at the beautiful artwork done digitally by Rebecca Collins of Pet Portraits.  Check out her stuff on

I came across this logo and love it. Really cool!

Who wouldn't love this Crocheted Pug Pillow from Peanut Butter Dynamite on Etsy? Check it out!

Hot pads anyone? I mean pug pads?....These are from  Hooknsaw on Etsy.

Yoda Pug? Adorable. This comes from Sweethoots on Etsy.

This adorable crocheted Pug Puppy Dog Hat made by Ira Rott at So cute!
This beautiful artwork is created by Brian Rubenacker. Check out his work at

What can I say, I love my pug!!!

One of the reasons I started thinking about crocheted animal items is I follow a crochet blogger and he came across a Fox Scarf pattern that inspired me.
I immediately went online to the buy the pattern. You can too here...

This is one of the coolest patterns I've seen in awhile. There are other animal patterns on the site as well. Can't wait to get started on it!!!!

I hope after seeing all of these images that pugs will inspire you too!!! The next time you see a pug maybe it will warm your heart just little bit more now....!!!!

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