Saturday, February 2, 2013


This is my obsession for the weekend!!

This diagonal crochet stitch is awesome!!! This piece was created by
 This is the pattern from another crocheter!

It is in French but at the top there is a place where you can convert it to English.

I'm so excited to try a stitch I've never tried before. And to also try and learn how to read a drawn pattern instead of a written pattern. This is something I really want to learn as I have never created a project in this way. See The Crochet Crowd. Mikey has several videos on how to read a pattern in this fashion.

I'm thinking of doing only 2 colors to make a checkerboard effect. Red Heart is my favorite yarn so let's see...maybe the cafe with turqua or cafe and real teal or burgundy or heather gray. brain is about to burst!!

I came across these lovely images as I was searching for some color ideas.

Instead of Granny square...Granny circles? Love these colors!

The artist calls these crochet skyscrapers!
 Enjoy this beautiful work by Cristina Catalunya on her blog!

Here are some coasters I made that look like Granny circles too!

This pattern was done with cotton yarn and are coasters.
I have some errands to run this morning. My pug Baron has to go to the doctors for his shots and then when I get back I'm going to try to tackle the diagonal crochet stitch! Yeah!

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