Saturday, June 29, 2013

Is granny square?

I fight it all the I really want to invest in creating a granny square afghan? Granny squares? Isn't that cliche, old, and tired? That's what I've always thought. It reminds me of a red, white and blue granny square vest my mom made for my sister and I in the mid 70s. Groovy....

Apparently Granny Squares are all the rage again in everything from purses, pillows to afghans again. So why fight it. Granny Squares it is. Take a look!

This beautiful Granny Square afghan comes from Little Tin Bird.

The Granny Square up close and personal!

This lovely pattern comes from Stumbles & Stitches. The Show & Tell Granny Square.

A stack of square ready to assemble from Stitch of Love.

Granny Squares laid out ready to be joined from sfgirl on Craftsy.

Hexagon Granny from one of my favorite designers Lucy at Attic 24.

This lovely floral granny square comes from Crochet Throws. So bright and summery!

This cheerful granny square pillow is from yvestown.

This gorgeous floral granny is the cream of the crop! Created by tillietulip on Etsy.

Need some tips and pointers to make a Granny Square? Check out The Granny Square Book by Margaret Hubert.

Or how about Granny Square Love: An New Twist on a Crochet Classic for Your Home by Sarah London.
Here's a Granny Square in a round about way. This is a close up section of an afghan I made from a pattern from a magazine.

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  1. Very pretty designs! The last one (round yellow square)is Bernat's Starburst Blanket. Free pattern.