Saturday, October 26, 2013

Granny Square revisited...

I had to come back to the granny was inevitable. As I research images and patterns it always comes back to the granny square. I want to share with you images to get you inspired not only for patterns but color. Color variations, brightness, combination, subtleties and more. The granny square is so versatile. You will always have a piece of art no matter how you put it together. I hope these colors and combinations inspire you to start a new project. Use a color you have never used before, make a project that speaks from your heart and enjoy crochet!

Primitive Spirits - For the Love of Wool

Sunburst Granny Square from Little Woolie - Crochet and Handmade Delights from a Girl Who Is Pretty New to the Whole Hooky Thing

Granny Square Afghan by DROP Design

Crocheting Granny Squares - Where Your Heart Is

I can't talk about granny square without showing a few stacks! This one comes from Silly Old Suitcases

Handmade by Shira - Granny Square Tassen

This granny square tree comes from Not the Office Type!

Granny Square Cookies from IFeelCook!

These granny squares come from islandgirlsj.

Granny Square Pillow by EbeGluck.

Patchwork Granny Square Blanket by bluecat87

Granny Squares by kimbery

Granny Square pillow at

Granny Square by virginia.karageorgiou

Granny Square by virginia.karageorgiou

Another stack! by Stitches by Kryss.

Granny Square by turtlemurtle on

Granny Squares by Art, Love and Joy.

Crochet Baby Blanket at

Granny Squares by fiddlesticks at

Crochet is all in your head!!!

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  1. I love the ones from virginia.karageorgiou! and islandgirlsj. But they don't link to a pattern... do you know where I can find them? They are so pretty! Did you see my pumpkin bath tissue cover? Over on Fortheloveofeeyore