Saturday, October 19, 2013

So many patterns, so little time...

I don't know about you but between Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media sources I go to on a daily basis, I continually come across crochet patterns that I have to download on the spot! I can't wait to get them into my Crochet Patterns folder on my desktop of my Mac as soon as possible for safe keep! My folder must have nearly 200 patterns in it at this very moment. Guess how many of them I've actually created? Maybe 5. I have to have the pattern but then I never seem to get around to them unless there is a special event and then I set to work. So if you have a pile of patterns that you never seem to get to either let me add to that pile. Here are a few items that I really want to get started on but reality tells me that they will be sitting the folder for a little while longer. A girl can dream!!! Have fun.... (Some patterns have a direct link to download and other you may have to purchase but nonetheless the link to the pattern will be included.)

Mod Squad Bag. Pattern from RAKJPatterns.

Hearts & Flowers Table Runner from

Flower Path Throw from Red Heart.

Rise & Shine Afghan Throw by Red Heart.

Copenhagen Pillow at Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller - Full "O Sheep.

Fox Scarf Crochet Pattern by Beeknee's Knitting & Crochet Patterns.

Coats & Clark - Starfish Dishcloths.

Greenway from Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans by Norah Gaughan, Margery Winter & the Bernat Design Team.

Crochet Slingbacks with Bow by Tara Murray at Mamachee Crochet.

The last few images have been posted on my blog before but are totally worth mentioning again. Beautiful crochet must always be featured!!

Little Bird Crochet Pattern from

Chain Reaction Afghan Project from Interweave crochet ebook from Crochet Me.

This is quite simply one of the most beautiful crochet projects I've ever seen. This is the Lollo the African Flower Bear by Heidi Bears.

Henny Penny Rooster Basket by Drops Deign. This is just too dang cute!!

I've included an up and coming sneak peak to a pattern that I designed called The Snowboarder. I am working to get it posted on Ravelry this week for purchase! Stay tuned....

Linoct 2-coloured by Keiermann

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