Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rattle those pots and pans...

Living in a brand new home and organizing is a challenge.  One of the easiest places to start is in the kitchen. Pots and pans go here, dishes and glasses go here.  As a crocheter my interest is what can I create in my kitchen that will make it quaint and homey. So I decided to do the work for you and find some creative and quaint items to put in your pattern box for future keep!! Let's get in the kitchen and cook something up!

Potholders from Tess d'Urbeville

Cotton Crochet Dishclothes by HandmadebyAnnabelle on Etsy.

Sand Dollar Table Runner on

Crocheted Strawberries by

Seat Cover - Stool by

Table Runner from

Crocheted Square Glass Covers at

Country Pot Holders by

Rooster by Dawn Sparks at Fiddlesticks on Etsy

Kitchen Scrubbies by

Dainty Dishclothes from

Crochet Area Rug at

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