Monday, January 14, 2013

STOP! Look & Listen!

I spent the weekend working on the chain link part of my Friendship Scarf. I also spent the weekend Tweeting and trying to follow more crocheters. I've been looking at crocheting blogs and Facebook pages to get ideas and inspiration. There is a lot of really great work begin done all around the world. Sometimes I feel like my little scarf project just doesn't even rank in the same category of work I'm seeing. But I keep going, because every stitch is a learning experience no matter what it is!!

But then I ran across this project on a Facebook page called The Needle Nerd. Follow her too! It actually took my breath away. I need to make this!!

Afghan by Sophie Digard - 2012AW Jules Merino Wool Baby Blanket

The only problem is that the page is in Japanese. I've tweeted the creator to see if there is a pattern in English. Hopefully we'll come across something to find out how to get this pattern. This work is exquisite. The piece is gorgeous and I think epitomizes the creativity that is crochet. I could stare at it for hours just trying to figure it out. The color combo is beautiful.

Whenever you think you can't push yourself further take a look at this work and push through!!!!


  1. Did anyone ever contact you with the English version?

    1. No they didn't! Still looking for a way to get the pattern in English. It's beautiful isn't it!

  2. Would also love to have the pattern in English!!! NinaP

  3. Have you had a response as of yet? I too, have been searching everywheere for the pattern. Can you point me to the Japanese version? Thank you.

  4. I don't think the website you went to is for Sophie Digard's pattern. They do sell the Heart Baby Afghan on there for over $600. From what I can see there are no patterns available for Sophie's work she sells her things worldwide. I have searched for a pattern book and she has not published one. When I contacted an Australian shop that sold her pieces they said she did not make patterns for sale. Good luck if you can ever find one this is a beautiful baby quilt.

  5. The Faerie Queen is correct. Sophie Digard is a well known French designer who sells her [and her worker's] crocheted scarves, blankets, bags, shawls and other items in high end shops world wide. I have followed her work for a couple of years, hoping that at some point she would be selling patterns. I did see a scarf kit or two for sale a while back, quite pricey, but nothing seems to be available currently. What makes her work so special is her sense of color play… always subtle and muted. She uses many soft colors in each item, using traditional crochet patterns, but in unique ways. For example, some Digard items use tiny motifs, just an inch or so across, joined to form a larger textile.

    You can see many examples of her work on Pinterest boards and other "bulletin board" websites. Or just Google.