Saturday, November 26, 2011


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. This was the first time we had Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws in probably 10 years. We were always up in Michigan so we never could get together. Now that we're all in the same house it was great. My husband got up at the crack of dawn to begin working in the kitchen with his mother. This had a two-fold purpose. One, my husband is studying to become a chef so he needed the kitchen time, and secondly, it was a chance to bond with his mom and learn her recipes and procedures.

My husband was up early to begin cooking Thanksgiving Dinner. He is a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. This apron was given to him from a fellow Flotilla member. He is a member of the Aux Chef program and cooks at various Coast Guard stations.
The house was full of wonderful smells all day. There is something about the smell of onions sauteed in butter that makes me remember my grandmother and all of the wonderful food she made. He worked all day. My contribution was a banana custard pie with meringue. It turned out beautifully until I put in in the oven under the broiler to brown the meringue. Suddenly we all said do you smell something burning? We opened the oven and smoke came out and the whole top of my beautiful pie was black. So scrap that attempt. I'll try again. I only went to set the table. One minute tops!!!

Turkey & stuffing. Yummo! Let's hear it for leftovers!
Now that Thanksgiving is over and Black Friday has passed (which I did not partake in), every year I say I'm going out there but I never get it together in time, I'm ready to take on the Christmas holiday. I'm not really in the mood but I'm going to try. It's been a very rough year for me and I'm just not all warm and fuzzy about it this year. But I'm hoping to get out the decorations and try to coordinate with my mother-in-law where and what we'll be decorating. Maybe it will help.

In the meantime I'm out of yarn still and I really want to make another hat. So this is what I pulled out of my yarn basket (LEFTOVERS) to try to put together some sort of design. So let's see what I'll come up with.

These are the colors I'm going to use to create a new hat. Let's see what I come up with.  Hunter Orange, Carrot, Cornmeal and Aran Fleck.

I opened my Etsy shop this week. I only have 2 items in it so far, but that's because I'm still trying to learn the process. I'll have more stuff loaded in this weekend.

Here's my link

Oh and my pug Baron, my patron of crochet, would like to say hi too!!

I like to lay by my mommy's desk while she works on her crochet. Happy Holidays everyone!
I have the whole day to create. So many projects that I need to do but all I want to really do is create another pattern of my own!


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