Thursday, November 10, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

I have rounded up all the yarn I have left to my name and sad to say I can fit it all in one basket!! It's so sad...only because I love to have skeins of yarn in every corner of my office. I love to have a basket of it in my bedroom. I love to have a basket of patterns and yarns in the living room. But now...I'm down to one little basket. Scraps of cotton from wash cloths, Red Heart medium weights for my hats and afghans and a couple of rumpled up patterns I printed from the internet.

The moral of the story...I need a yarn shopping extravaganza!! Once for my birthday at a family gathering my sister's sister-in-law gave me a birthday bag full of yarn. 8 whole skeins for an afghan. She might as well have handed me a diamond ring!!! I was so excited. So the shopping extravaganza will happen this weekend. Of course being unemployed, I won't go over board. Just a couple of skeins to make my Snowboarder hat.

My last scraps of yarn!! They look so lonely, crying out to be made into something.

I finally finished writing the pattern for my hat design. The pattern is for the carrot and chocolate colored ski hat. I called it Carrot Top. I tested it one more time to make sure it was right. I then emailed it to my sister (my crochet partner in crime) and she's testing it too. Then I'll post it for you all to try. The pattern may be called Carrot Top but use any colors your little heart desires!!!

The final tester hat. I love that furry yarn. It's called Fun Fur by Lion Brand. It just adds such a punch and makes the hat look cozy.

As I was surfing through my Facebook page this afternoon I enjoy seeing postings from It's a blog written by a woman named Kat Goldin who is an American transplanted to Scotland. She does incredible crochet patterns and work. I enjoy her blog and I came across this pattern for an iPhone cover. I quickly whipped one up for my husband's phone. I did it in a nice blue because he's a Coast Guard Auxiliary person. I see Christmas presents in a lot of my friend's future!!! HA!!!

Here's the iPhone cover. So easy and so cute! I never have buttons laying around but I was able to find a few clothes I have purchased that have extra buttons attached in plastic. So now I have to add to my for interesting buttons.

I see an interesting weekend ahead of me. I plan on beginning the Snowboarder hat. I have such a vision in my head. I only hope I can do it justice. If I can then I'm off to the races.....

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