Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yarn is everywhere!!!!

My husband and I attended the Merry Member Mixer for Disney Vacation Club members. We've been Vacation Club members since 2002. Now that we live here in Florida we are only 45 minutes from Disney it's our favorite thing about moving back to Florida. Every weekend since we've been here (5 mos.) we trek on over and walk around the hotels, the parks (we got our year passes as soon as we got here (the deeply discounted ones) and the Marketplace.

The Mixer was so fun. They opened a exhibit hall and had a huge party for DVC members. We got our picture taken with Minnie and Mickey and Goofy and Pluto. The had apple cider and gingerbread cookies. And...they actually had fake snow blowing in the wind as you entered the building. I'm sure my friends and family in Michigan are laughing as they await the first big snow of the season tonight.  We even received a complimentary Christmas ornament. Very nice.

The entrance to the event. Notice the snow floating through the air?
Here we are with Goofy and Pluto. I had my prescription sunglasses on and left my regular glasses in the car. So I had to attend with sunglasses the entire event. Thank God they were at least prescription or else I would have been stumbling over things! HA!

Here I am next to the Candy Canes at the entrance. It was lots of fun!
Here's the pretty ornament. I've been looking for a Disney ornament dated 2011. I collect them every year. This will be a nice addition to our tree.
Of course the reason I bring the Mixer up at all is that wouldn't you know it, right there on the main stage was an installation with a train and kids toys and a HUGE BALL OF YARN!! My husband says “Only you would take a picture of a big ball of yarn!!” He's right and here it is!!!!

One HUGE BALL OF YARN for all of my crocheting friends. Can you imagine what you could create with all of that?
I've also been going through a phase this week where all of a sudden I've realized that Christmas is upon us and I have no Christmas projects in the works. I want to make a Christmas table runner for a friend. I've been searching patterns and have found a couple I'm interested in. I'm working on my hats and started displaying them on my Etsy account. See http://www.etsy.com/shop/valerierehrman.

I guess the name of the game is just keep busy! Warm crochet needles are happy needles because it means you are working on something wonderful!!!

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