Friday, November 4, 2011

The Mad Hatter and Dog Whisperer!

The search for the perfect hat pattern goes on!

I stumbled across this pattern this afternoon. So I chose the yarn I have and started to work. It's cute.

I'm making a trip to the store tomorrow to purchase new colors and new textures. Can't wait!!!

While I work I have a fan club. The dogs come from all four corners of the house and have to be in the room at my feet or laying nearby. The calm of crocheting must relax them. They just have to be nearby. So funny.

This little hat has a wave pattern.

A view from the top.

This is my pug Baron the patron of Crocheting! He's always nearby when I work!

Here's Harry my in-law's dog. He had to know what was going on too!!

 I plan to spend the weekend continuing my research. I'm also putting together a new portfolio of my graphics work. I have an interview on Wednesday. No guarantees but at least it's an interview. Send good vibes my way!!!

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